Why work with CL

Desirable environment

We believe the excellent performance and output are the result of happiness of our people.   Because we understand that the workforce would spend most of their time in work place, it is important to create the desirable environment for our people. At CL, you will contribute not only as a teammate but also our family. Moreover, you would enjoy with many of our welfare and benefit.


We emphasize human capital development. Our employees have many opportunities to learn and grow. We believe it is essential to provide the growth in our people. At CL, all career position have been designed with grow opportunity. In addition, we encourage and conduct many training and development programs to shape employees’ skill.

Sense of great contribution

Because we realize that we are one of the aspects to create good communities, we encourage our people to have sense of this contribution. At CL, you will contribute not only build the project but also create a better community. We value every work in the organization. Our people will perceive this feature as a pride and honor to be one part of CL.