Construction Lines Activities

At CL, we are taking care of every workers, not only the children. When we know how to give and share, what we take is the workers response with more energy and fulfillment. CL make everyone be a part of this giving and sharing by building a camp to accomodate for every workers. Once, the all will feel how to give and share.

CSR Activities

CL School

CL School is started in 2012 by using a space in worker’s camp to be a place for children to study. At the begining, our staffs was take turn to be a teacher for children in every Saturday. Now, this project is suppoted by Sansiri to hired teachers for children. These make children in worker’s camp learn more how to communicate and develope their basic skill to use in daily life.

CL League

CL League is the football matches competition for CL staffs that happen every yaer which to promote an excercise and unity within an irganization.